Chess, In The Beginning…

Chess, In The Beginning…

My beginning that is…

This is a short story of My personal chess beginning, from the last week in October 2016 to December 11, 2016…

Why chess?  To be honest, I needed something to do.  My daughter wanted to begin playing chess seriously and so I thought, why not.  I started studying a course she owned, The Grandmaster’s Secrets by GM Igor Smirnov.  His principles and theory, in general, made so much sense.  However, I had never played chess.  I knew how the pieces moved and had a general idea of what one wanted to accomplish during a game.  The most powerful thing about the course was this…  he sternly advises to study this course and NOT move on until you completely understand every lesson.  So, I studied and studied and studied and studied and I started to learn more and more.  It was the perfect course to begin building a strong chess foundation.  Now, I just need to become perfect at it.  Only recently have I been able to even play and understand an entire game.

To begin practicing my newly found skills I started playing on  You can find me there at michelleistanish.  My first games were against the computer set at a beginner level.  Eventually, I got the courage to play other people.  At the time of posting this I have completed five games, 3W – 2L – 0D and My rating is 1015.  My next move to further my learning is to play more games, study the games I lost and continue my GM Smirnov studies.  I’m currently studying his course The Grandmaster’s Positional Understanding.  I will have additional updates soon.

Happy Chessing,



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